Laboratory Services

Clinical Trial Services

Premiere Laboratory Services

Cenetron specializes in molecular diagnostics, and has supported pivotal global trials for HCV, HIV, and HBV drug development programs. A full offering of safety testing, including hematology, chemistry, and immunology testing is offered at Cenetron.

Custom assay development and companion diagnostic tests are developed to provide Pharma clients with the latest tools for screening, randomizing, and monitoring patients.

Customized Specimen Collection Kits

Highly customized kits are produced at Cenetron to meet every client need. Kits for safety testing, molecular testing, and pharmacokinetic sample collection are all produced on-site at Cenetron and shipped to clinical sites around the globe. Cenetron has developed the patented WINDOWS® collection kit system, which allows 100% quality control inspection of kits contents.

Trial Site Support

A dedicated team of specialists is assigned to assist sites in every aspect of the clinical trial. Our staff coordinates the shipment of clinical supplies, reconciles clinical data, ensures the timely delivery of laboratory reports, and resolves unexpected issues that occur in any clinical trial.

Customized Laboratory Reports

Cenetron produces customized laboratory reports that contain graphical and tabular cumulative laboratory results from individual subjects. We can program specific instructions on laboratory reports to alert investigators to key results in Response Guided Therapy (RGT) protocols. Laboratory reports are available 24/7 on Cenetron's proprietary GlobeSync Pharma Portal.

Clinical Data Management

Cenetron's data management team is dedicated to providing quality data with an emphasis on speed, accuracy, and integrity. Beyond offering custom data transfer solutions, Cenetron also provides custom data checks to notify sites, study teams, or medical monitors when client selected criteria are met. Data reconciliation services are performed from study initiation through database lock. In addition clients can monitor result data in real-time through our GlobeSync web portal. GlobeSync allows users to easily monitor study data by user-defined filters using a variety of available criteria.