Quality and Acceditation

High Quality & Reliability


Cenetron Central Laboratories maintain extensive quality systems. Our standard operating procedures are built on CAP and CLIA requirements for sample accessioning, analysis, storage, transportation, and chain‑of‑custody as well as requirements for quality management, equipment maintenance and calibration, and facility management. Key quality measures include the following:

  • Proprietary GlobeSync™ 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software enables complete sample tracking from bar coding to results and data management.
  • Patented WINDOWS® Sample Collection Kits enable 100% inspection of kits, greatly increasing our ability to detect errors.
  • Strict adherence to CAP and CLIA requirements.
  • Rigorous internal standards for accuracy and reliability.
  • Extensive quality control for sample chain-of-custody, sample kit building and distribution, and data management.
  • On-site Quality Assurance Unit oversees overall quality and compliance.